photos from somme

Pascal Lando, photos & texts – Jean-Pierre Belliard, translation


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sdfh, message of shge, friday 21 september 2018

Animated Corporate Videos, message of welfox, wednesday 14 february 2018

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Beautiful Somme, message of Everett Sharp, sunday 24 january 2016

Thanks, it is a wonderful part of France.

Wonderful Pictures and Beautiful Country, message of Radford Thomas, thursday 19 april 2012

Evidently my Hugenot relatives once lived here. the Faberge family moved then to Russia. I wish to visit some day. Take a look at the paintings my wife does: Thank you for your artistry. Radford

family link, message of megina mateo dumornay, friday 11 december 2009

your photos are amazing, i\'m also a dumornay originally from brooklyn N.Y. now living in Orlando Florida with my family, my parents and siblings still live in New York. I would also like to know more about my ancestors and other family members.

Greetings, message of Odin, wednesday 15 july 2009

Great site, France is very beautiful! Greetings from Serbia!

thanks, message of Wilson DuMornay, tuesday 05 may 2009

The pictures are beautiful. Thank you.... A possible relative??????

So Beautiful!, message of Marie Reine, wednesday 07 january 2009

Your photos are beautiful! I just wanted to thank you for posting them here. They truly show the great beauty of France. Merci

Dumornay family, message of Jordie, friday 02 january 2009

Hi, I am trying to research the origin of my family surname (Dumornay). So far, i found out that the family came from the Picardy Region on Mornay. Over the years, due to migration to different parts of the world, the surname has had three different spelling (Dumorne, Dumorney, and Dumornay (the original one). I live in the United States, but my family is from Haiti. I would like to know do you have any information or can you provide me with a resource how to research this further? We know that is it only one family in Haiti, but we don't know our linkage. My great-grandfather I believe his name was Josephra Dumornay had three brothers. My great-grandfather was in the Haitian Army perhaps in the late 1800's to early 1900's. There was also an Osipa Dumornay, who came from France and migrated to Petion-Ville, Haiti. Please feel free to contact with this effort. Thank you, aHappy New Year.

This website in French: Images en Somme
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